Growing Plants with a Desk Lamp: Easy Guide In 2020

A working place with an ethical atmosphere impacts vitally on your productivity. And talking about the atmosphere, we meant indoor plants which spread the fresh air and improve the working mood.

Growing plants outdoors is a very challenging and tricky job. But do you know that you can grow plants inside your room as well?

If your reply is negative, then you are wrong mate.

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Growing Plants with a Desk Lamp

It’s effortless to breed plants inside a room. Even though you stay in a place with no window, you can also grow plants with the help of a lamp.

Well, in this article you will find the details of the best desk lamp for plants and also the procedures of how you can grow plants in your working area.

Is It Possible to Breed and Grow Plants with the Unnatural Lights?

What if we say that “yes, you can”? Doesn’t it sound interesting, right?

Hence, to do so, you must go for bulbs that include the full spectrum of the mixture of warm and cool wavelengths. We all know, Sunlight provides perfect balance wavelengths for the plants, but you can also get those balance wavelengths from artificial lights.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s natural or artificial lights. For better growth, plants require: 

  • The proper wavelength of red lights. And this wavelength is genuinely the best for producing excellent fruits and flowers.
  • The wavelength of blue lights. Here, blue lights act as the betterment resource in foliage growth.
  • Green Light wavelengths. It reflects much of this wavelength, but some require to give the leaves green color.

Therefore, the better the color wavelengths you provide to the plant, the more nicely the plant will grow. Since you have known the usage of color wavelengths, you must also know that CFLs bulbs help a lot in the houseplants and save much energy compared to the regular bulb.

What Kind of Light Bulb Do I Need to Grow Plants Indoors?

Like outdoor plant breeding, indoor housing-plants also require the best angle of light rays that benefit them the most.

Now you may face a question; “Can a regular light bulb help plants grow?” To get that answer, you must first know what kind of Light bulb you need to grow plants.

You need to keep reading the context; as we mentioned, the perfect bulb requires pants, down below.

On the other hand, you may go for horticultural kits which offer different wavelengths, tube lights, reflectors and many more. But do you know you can use a lamp to grow plants?

Well, in that case, only if you know the proper usage and placement of desk lamps, then you don’t need any kits to breed plants.

Since you’ll be using a desk lamp, therefore, the bulb must need to be suitable for the plant. Meanwhile, there are lots of different types of bulbs available on the market. So let’s check them out and decide which one will be the perfect bulb:

Incandescent Lights
The incandescent Light bulb provides enough heat among all the variants of Light bulbs, which helps a lot for indoor plantations. But sadly, the temperature is too much for plants. Therefore, you must keep it a distance away from the foliage plant.

Moreover, Incandescent bulbs provide more red wavelengths comparative to white. As a result, it is usable as a fluorescent light supplement that balances the spectrum and brings the bloom on the plants.  

Now you might face a bit of confusion about; “Do regular light bulbs help plants grow?”

Well! Incandescent bulbs are the regular bulbs, and you can also use it to grow plants. But in other words, this light is not the right choice for indoor plantings, as you know, it provides excessive heat and saves no energy.

These incandescent lights are almost impossible to get nowadays as more updated, energy-efficient bulbs are available in the present market.

Horticultural Lights
As we already know, plants require wavelengths of full-spectrum. Therefore the usage of horticultural lights is suitable for this indoor plantation process. Horticultural Light is just a standard packed tube for the fluorescent fixture, which works fine as full-spectrum fluorescence.

But horticultural lights are an adequate light during propagative seeds or hybrids.

LED Lights
Even if it sounds shocking, indoor plants indeed get much energy from the LED Lights. LED lights themselves save much electrical power, which will keep your electricity bill ultimately.

LED lights have multiple bulbs with different color rays. And the plant requires red and blue color rays, so you should go for that if you are planning to do plantations in your room.

Fluorescent Lights
People who are known to indoor plantations, they know very well about the usage of full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs for plants. Indeed, it is the most perfect and initial choice you can make at an affordable price.

Fluorescent lights are always useful in indoor plantations as they do not radiate extensive heat, which causes damage to the plants.

If you are planting a seed or growing a plant on a pot next to your desk, then this light will help it grow without getting Sunlight.

Halogen Lights
Halogen light is the alternative of all the lights we mentioned in this list. In short, it’s a good option for plantation inside a house. But the light produces excessive heat rays that can damage the plant as well. On the other hand, they are less energy efficient as well.

Will A Regular Light Bulb Grow Plants?

Generally speaking, plantation depends on the light rays, temperatures, and colors, which means it is not mandatory to go for expensive indoor plant growing lights.

Yes! By strictly following some procedures, you can use the regular lights for house plantations.

On the other hand, regular light bulbs don’t give perfect results every time. It’s just an alternative option, you know! And it is all about the selection of light.

You will find some LED lights or natural lights, which are the best option for plantations. But most of them come with a negative result.

Seven Ways You Can Follow To Grow Plants Faster With the Indoor Plantation Lights

These procedures include growing lights but not the regular or daylight bulbs.

Yes! You can use that artificial sunlight lamp for plants, but they sometimes give reduced output, as we mentioned earlier. So if you are seeking indoor plantations, it would be better to pick the lightings that are best in this category.

So let’s go through the steps and grow a beautiful garden inside your home:

Choosing the Precise Lights for Growing Plants

Different types of fluorescent bulbs function differently according to the plants growing procedures. Some fluorescent lights are suitable for seedlings, whereas; some are good for mature plants.

You will find some lights like T5, which does both of the jobs very nicely. So you must pick a view which is perfect for your plans.

“You can go for LED Tube Lights, they are energy efficient and allow less heat to radiate. They might be a bit costly than the fluorescent bulbs, but they do their work very fine and last longer compared to other lights”.

Maintain Light’s Timing

Do you know? Plants achieve the most benefits in the dark hours. They also need to rest like other living organisms. And these six or more hours of rest they heal themselves and their growths. And of course, it results in the best growth of fruits and buds.

“Maintain a proper timing of lights, or else you can use a timer which will make it easy for you to maintain the time.”

Rotate the Plants Every Weekends

All the lights have energetic ends, which means they radiate more energy from their terms and less from the center. Therefore, your plant needs to get light from every direction to make growth more wise and even.

All you can do for that is just rotate the plants every week since you started planting.

After you see the seedlings are well grown, shift the seedlings to another container with the diameter of 4-inch. Put some more soils along with that seedling so that the seed can hold to more strong roots.

“Make sure you keep distance between every plant so that the leaves barely get in contact with other plant’s leaves.”

Up to Date Fertilization

Allow your plants to absorb the most excellent nutrients from the soil. Indoor plants grow faster when they get enough fertilizations. These organic fertilizers boost the plant in many ways.

“Provide nutrients and organic fertilizers to your plants every week.”

Distancing From the Light Source

The title does not mean that you need to put your plants away from the light. Don’t get confused. We’ll be clearing it to you nicely.

As every plant starts growing from seeds, and seeds need fourteen hours of light rays every day. Once you see the plant releasing leaves, you need to push the plant a bit down from the light sources.

“If you are using the Fluorescent Light, then relocate the plant about two inches down the light. And if you are using LED lights that provide high-output, then make it four inches.”

Analyze and Dispensing Water

When you are using desk lamps for growing plants or any light source for indoor plantations, you will see that the plants dry very often, and that is a sign of plants suffering for water.

Make sure you keep the seedlings damp, but don’t make it wrinkle. Allow enough water that a plant requires to maintain its seedlings wet.

“Too much water will result in the dead plant for sure.”

Maintaining Proper Temperature

The seed fertilizing process mostly requires a balmy temperature. But once the seed appropriately germinated, then you must shift the seedlings to cooler temperatures.

First, you need to place the plant on a sunny location, or else you can also use the heating mat. But after the seeds start fertilizing, you can lower the temperature of your room about ten degrees lower, or else you can use the digital thermostat to make it done for you.

List of Six Best Desk Lamp for Plants That Helps Indoor Plantation Growth

Till now, you have gone through many details about the artificial sunlight lamps for plants. So far, we mentioned all the knowledge required for a person to start a plantation inside their home, even though they have no previous idea about farms.

In this section, we mentioned the details of the best desk lights available in the market, which you can use to germinate seedlings and grow plants inside your office, bedroom, classroom, library, and many more. So let’s check those growing lights:

1. Hydroponic Indoor Herb Garden LED Desktop Growing Lamp

Growing Plants with a Desk Lamp: Easy Guide In 2020 1Hydroponic Indoor Herb Garden LED Desktop Growing Lamp

At the very initial portion of this list, we mentioned the Hydroponic Indoor LED Growing Lamp. Being the first on this list doesn’t mean it’s the best, and being the last product of this doesn’t prove it’s worse.

Honestly, we made a list of all the best products, not by ranking them according to their features and specialties. Therefore, don’t judge them according to the listing as all of them are best in their specifications.

Hydroponic Indoor Herb Garden Kit comes with one color; “white,” which easily deliquesce with all types of environment. It helps you to do plantations anywhere you want, like a study room, library, office, bedroom and many more.

This Herb Garden Kit unique part is its caring system. The built-in alert will notify you if the water level is too high. Sometimes if you are new to the plantation, you may face multiple questions about how you would allow your plants. Here you go, this garden kit is the answer for you.

It also includes growing Light LEDs on a movable head, which makes it easier to control the distance between the light from the plant. Having two multiple modes of light, the plants get both the warm and cool light equally. That means your plant gets the same balance light rays from this light kit, which outdoor plants absorb from the Sunlight.

A combination of this pure water and LED light system also has a timer on it. Once you set the automatic timer and the Hydroponic Garden Kit is ready to grow your plants.

Protective covers and growing medium system of this kit allows no bugs or other chemicals to interfere with your plant’s growth. Ultimately, it is the best equipment you can use for hydro growth plantation.

The Hydroponic Herb Garden Kit has the system of using the most efficient way of using a self-water system, avoiding wastage, and allowing no evaporation at all.

You can use this herb kit for both small and medium-sized plants. The automatic smart timer will show you the perfect guidance for the ideal size plant.

On the other hand, you can use these plants growing lamps for curbing vegetables inside your room.

So, everything that comes and includes on this herb kit is ultimately supporting indoor plantation. You don’t require a material more than this machine has to grow vegetables, fruits, plants, and many more inside your home.

  • Easy Usability. You have to just pour the water and adjust the timer and then watch the plant grow.
  • Nothing Extra Requires. No individual pods needed to grow any seeds as you can grow plants from all sorts of seeds in this herb kit.
  • Water Level Alerts. If the water level rises more than the plant needs, the herb kit will alert you.
  • Multi-Spectrum Light. It provides both this warm and cool light to balance the energy needed by a plant.
  • Gooseneck Light Head. You can change the intensity of the LED light rays by moving it close and far from the plants.
  • Small in Size. The container is small in size, which makes problems while growing bigger plants.

2. Elaine 60W 130 LED Timing Grow Light for Indoor Plant

Growing Plants with a Desk Lamp: Easy Guide In 2020 2Elaine 60W 130 LED Timing Grow Light for Indoor Plant

Here comes the most top-selling growing plant LED lamp for plants. We are pretty sure that those who are planning about indoor plantings then their first requirements on their list starts with this Elaine LED Grow Light.

The Elaine LED Plant Grow Lamp comes with 130 pieces of high-quality LEDs with 60W of electrical energy and 380nm to 800nm of wavelength. And we must admit, those LEDs last longer than we expected.

This lamp is mostly an appropriate option for balconies, but without any hesitation, you can use it in other rooms of the apartment as well. The simple glossy look makes it suitable for all types of environment. Separate from the indoor home plantation, Elaine Growing Plants Light is an excellent choice as office plant light.

Moreover, while talking about its functionalities and specifications, this light system includes three timer setting options. You can set the auto on and off time up to three hours, six hours, and twelve hours mode. Later on, it will auto turn off and on according to a timer that you set on its memory.

Honestly, while researching this product, this light gave me a vibe of Artificial Intelligence, where it learns itself about what to do or not. Haha!

On the other hand, Elaine Plant Growing light mainly focused on the faster growth of plants by boosting the photosynthesis process with the right amount of light and brightness. This lamp allows the plant to get the proper amount of germination at the right time and effectively works on flowerings.

The gooseneck of this lamp allows you to set it on any angle your plant requires. Wait a minute! This thing is not only on its neck, but the entire thing is movable. Damn Dude! Elaine involved much effort on this full spectrum desk grow light.

It also has five brightness levels with three light modes; A for one Light, B for the other Light, and C For all Light On. And it includes two heads of lights.

  • Steady Clipping Mode with Flexible Gooseneck. You can attach the clip to any obstacle and adjust the neck to any degree any angle that your plants require.
  • Replaceable Long Lasting 130 Piece of LEDs. The head of this lamp is rotate-able, which is why you can change the bulbs anytime you want. Moreover, we don’t think you need to replace anything as it has the most long-lasting LEDs installed on it.
  • High Heat Dissipation. No matter how long it runs, it won’t release any extra heat. Moreover, it releases the right amount of heat your plants require from its LEDs.
  • Auto On/Off Timer Mode with Memory Mode. You can adjust the on/ off timer to three, six, and twelve hours and after that, it will automatically turn off and on according to the time you adjusted on it.
  • This lamp comes with twelve months of Warranty. If you are not reliable with the product, then you can replace it within 30 days, and if you face any issue with the lamp, you can make it correct for free.
  • Built Quality is Very Cheap. It might break within days if you use it roughly or very hardly.

3. UPGRADED Auto On/Off Timing Function Hydroponics Greenhouse Gardening Light

Growing Plants with a Desk Lamp: Easy Guide In 2020 3Off Timing Function Hydroponics Greenhouse Gardening Light

Here comes the second clipping plant growing lamp on the list. Though it has one head whereas the Elaine LED lamp has two heads, yet it also works great.

AMSUNS Growing Light also has the timer functionality of three, six, and twelve hours. Therefore, don’t worry about the lighting timings of your plants after you start using this lamp.

The unique feature of this plant growing lamp is its incredible three different light working modes with five dimmable modes.

Besides that, this lamp has sixteen LED beads; five turns blue, and eleven of them are red. And it emits ultra-brightness with low heat, long-lasting and consumes a meager amount of power. We don’t think; a plantation light requires more than the features AMSUNS and Elaine LED Lights have.

AMSUNS Plant Growing Lamp also has five different levels of brightness; 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%. You are getting many choices for your plants. You have to select the level you need for your plants.

The main feature that makes this product unique from the rest is its USB Connector. You can connect this lamp and use it on anything that has a USB port like a laptop, computer, adapter, or power bank. If you connect this USB to the direct circuit using an adapter, make sure the adapter must be 110-120V.

Moreover, the rest of the things like clip mode and 360-degree rotate-able string, are almost identical to Elaine Plant Growing Lamp. You can clamp the light to anything with its clip, and it stays steady for years. And obviously, the gooseneck provides the flexibility of positioning the lamp in a specific direction, which is beneficial for your plants.

If you are planning for faster growth indoor plantation, then AMSUNS Indoor Desk Growing Light is an option for you. Its sensitive spectrum involves more rapid acceleration on the growth of plants. And the color variant lights allow the plant to get all the desires they collect from the natural light.

  • Three Different Working Modes. One switch for blue, one for red and one for both. It allows you to choose the perfect one for your plants.
  • Clamped Clip with Rotate-able Metal String Rope Body. You can attach the lamp on anything substantial and adjust it however you want it to be.
  • Timer Mode. You can set the time when you turn off and turn on, and after that, the lamp will work on that pre-set time for that day.
  • It Includes No White Light nor full-spectrum feature. It contains only blue and red lights; therefore, your plants will be missing the desires they seek from white light rays.
  • You have set the timer every day. The timer option only works from the run-on time till the end time you set.

4. Bozily 75W Full Spectrum LED Plant Lights for Indoor Plants

Growing Plants with a Desk Lamp: Easy Guide In 2020 4Bozily 75W Full Spectrum LED Plant Lights for Indoor Plants

Speaking the truth, we liked the lamp’s glamorous outlooks when we first saw it. Once we researched the product, we found that whoever used this lamp, the first thing they got attracted to, is its outlook.

This Bozily LED Plant Lamp is also a full spectrum plant growing light with a wavelength of about 380nm to 800nm. And you may have already known how plant growth ascends from these whole spectrum light concepts. The combination of red and blue universal lights can provide efficient energy a plant requires from the natural Sunlight.

Besides that, as our content focused on growing plants with a desk lamp, it is obvious that our mentioned products will have plenty of things in common. But then again, there are still some differences between those standard features, which makes those desk lamps unique from each other. 

Saying that, here comes another common feature of this lamp, and that is its 360-degree rotatable long gooseneck. You will surely find it familiar to other plant growing lamps. But Bozily comes with a long, stiff but flexible neck, which is pretty easy to move. Besides that, the neck is extremely stable and holds its place for the long term. 

Moreover, this plant growing desk lamps also have amazing features on it like the Auto Turn off and on mode, timing mode, secure clamping, adjustable spectrum, adjustable brightness, and many more. The best and unique part of this Bozily lamp is its insulated silicon and waterproof skin. It makes sure that your lamp lasts longer compared to other lamps as it prevents rust. 

  • Strong clamps. It holds on to anything very firmly.
  • Flexible Gooseneck. 360 rotatable neck and stays stable for a long time.
  • Time Option. Set the time to make it auto off and on when required. (Timers are adjustable to three, six, twelve, and twenty-four hours.)
  • Not extreme brightness. The brightness provides no disturbance to sleep or staying under dark.
  • Adjustable Spectrum Modes and Brightness. This light offers all the desires a plant requires from the Sunlight.
  • The lamp gets hot after a long time. Don’t immediately touch the base nor the lights once you use it for a long time. The light base becomes hot enough to burn your finger within a couple of seconds. Turn it off and then hold it after a few minutes.

5. GrowLED Umbrella Plant Grow Light

Growing Plants with a Desk Lamp: Easy Guide In 2020 5GrowLED Umbrella Plant Grow Light

If you are one of those who trust user reviews more than product details, then we would strongly suggest you not miss the GrowLED’s reviews on Amazon. 

As a harsh truth, we must let you know before you buy this lamp that this desk lamp might look awkward, but without any sort of hesitation, it won the heart of many indoor plantation users. Honestly, to us, this lamp gets the worst design from all the other products on our list. But indeed, it amazed us with its features and service it delivers. 

It stands on the soil with the umbrella LED Lighting on top of it. Thus, you can punch the thin stand into any soil very smoothly, and the light will emit the wavelengths directly to the plants under that umbrella. 

Moreover, the stand of this lamp is adjustable, which means you can fix the height according to your plant’s height. The longer your plants grow, the higher you can adjust the height but to a specific limit. 

The mouth of the stand has the cone shape, kind of like a pencil. It helps the stand get deep inside the soil very easily. So you can use it pretty easily on hard grounds. 

Leaving these features behind, the rest of the functionalities are quite the same as the other plant growing lamps. 

We meant the full spectrum LED facility, auto on/off timer facility, bright light, and many more. 

Out of topic, we don’t know why most indoor plantation users refer to this light as the best looking indoor plant growing lamp available in the market. Most of them attract this lamp because of its extraordinary umbrella-type design, which also acts as a showpiece and gives a beautiful look to the environment. But honestly, to us, especially to me, I don’t know why the design doesn’t seem that excited to me at all. 

  • Adjustable Heights. Very easy to adjust it according to the plant’s height.
  • Umbrella LED Lights. It distributes the light equally all around the plant.
  • Full Spectrum Lights. Plants get all the thing it requires from the natural Sunlight
  • Comfortable Brightness. This light doesn’t emit any rays that create eye problems. You can use this light as well while re-soiling or trimming for your plant.
  • Timer Functionalities are available on the light. Set the time once, and the light will automatically work according to your adjusted time.
  • Not durable enough. Rough use may end up damaging the lamp severely.
  • Small in size. Yes, the size is adjustable, but then, it is up to a specific limit. You can use this lamp for average size plants as well.

6. ACKE Floor Lamp Standing Lamp for Indoor Plants’ Growing

Growing Plants with a Desk Lamp: Easy Guide In 2020 6ACKE Floor Lamp Standing Lamp for Indoor Plants' Growing

It seems like we are at the end of the list. But that doesn’t mean that this lamp would be a bad product. Honestly, we planned and arranged all the best lights you require for growing plants with a desk lamp. 

In short, the ACKE Indoor plant growing lamp is not a bad instrument at all. Though we mentioned it at the end of the list yet, it delivers the best service like the others on this list. 

Meanwhile, if we talk about the details of this lamp, then you must be aware that this lamp has two variants; Max size and Compact size. We will be discussing the Max size lamp in this context. 

ACKE Plant Growing LED Lamp comes with a Minimalist stand that easily fits with all types of corners of your room. And it also gives an indoor modern and sleek look to your room. Besides an indoor plantation stand lamp, it also acts as a natural harmony in your room. 

Besides that, it also delivers some standard features like; you will be getting the full spectrum Light feature. The warm and soft light provides the precise nutrients a plant desires from the natural Sunlight. 

Moreover, this standing lamp offers the flexibility of using it in every way that is best for your indoor plantation. We mean, you can easily adjust the height of the stand according to your plant heights. The head of this lamp is also moveable. Therefore, you can fix it on any angle that seems perfect for your plant. 

This lamp won’t make you disappoint with its service as most of the indoor plantation users are now using this stand lamp and are also referring to others. It is an artificial sunlight lamp for plants that you can afford with the price and full fill your indoor plantation dream.

If you are searching for a desk lamp that only helps you in the indoor herbs plantation and provides a beautiful look to your room, then ACKE Floor Standing Lamp is for you. Honestly, this lamp has no alternatives like the other products on this list. It is the best in its service. 

If you don’t believe it, try it out. You will get impressed every way.

  • This Lamp Delivers No Noise. Even if you use this lamp for the entire month, you won’t get a single noise from this lamp.
  • It Dissipates a Certain Amount of Heat. It releases a meager amount of heat that is best for plants. It won’t harm the environment, neither you.
  • Adjustable Height. According to your plant’s height, you can fix the height of this stand lamp. You can also use this lamp for average-sized plants as its stand is big enough for average height plants.
  • Moveable Head. You can fix the head, and the direction of the light at any angle you seem suitable for your plants.
  • No timer included. You have to use it manually every time you want it to shut off or on as it has no timer on it.
  • Poor Built-in Quality. Very cheap materials used on this lamp, which may break if you put pressure on it or use it roughly.

Last Words

We are already guessing the relief you got after reading the entire content, words to words. But let’s just be ethical; if you have gone through the whole context above, where we mentioned every decision you require for growing plants with a desk lamp, do you think you need any other information about indoor plantations? 

Indeed, we don’t think so! But if you have any queries then feel free to comment. We are assuring you that we will get back to you with all the details of your queries. 

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