Top 8 Best Reading Lamp for bed in 2020

Every bookworm loves to read books before they go to sleep at night. I am one of them. Wrapped darkness with certain glows of the bed reading lamp always boosting up the concentration of reading books. Therefore, a reading lamp for bed will always make it easy for you to dive deep into whatever you are reading.

On that instinct, most of us use the spotlights for reading books. And that is what results terribly after some time. Spotlights use intense beams, which in general speeds up the damage of the eyes. Whereas, the soft reading lights will let you focus on the words and read more comfortably. But that doesn’t mean the dim lights will be the best option. Sounds confusing, right?

Let’s break it down for you! In this context, you will find the best ten reading lights for bed. I selected them according to the reviews of the users, comfort abilities, their features, their specs, pros, and cons, etc. However, you will also find those details down below. It will also help you to choose the perfect bed lamp you need. So let’s read and pick the best among them.

Picks of Eight Best Reading Lamps for Bed

Usually, room lights are in vast use while reading books at night. It not only damages your eyes but creates a disturbance for the person sleeping next to you. Thus! These ten bedside reading lamps are the solution to your problem.

1. TRM Double Headboard Lamp

Top 8 Best Reading Lamp for bed in 2020 1TRM Double Headboard Lamp

TRM Double Headboard Lamp is a reading lamp for bed, which also provides the ultimate stylish look to your bedroom. With its Ivory color shade, this reading lamp fits in every kind of room environment. This unique dual bulb bedside reading lamp will surely attract everyone with its uniqueness. Moreover, I would say it is the best indoor string lights you will find in the lamp market.

TRM Double Headboard Lamp comes with two hanging hooks. These hooks are the on-off switch of this lamp. Once you pull them, they will turn on, and stretching them again will turn the lights off. If you are looking for decorative string lights for the bedroom? Then the TRM Double Lamp will stand out on your choice list.

With 40 watts dual bulbs, this lamp provides enough brightness to read books before you sleep. Your partner sleeping next to you will not get disturbed as well. Packaging includes all the necessary accessories you need to hand this light on your bedside. You can attach this lamp on any bed headboard, which is less than 3″ wide.

Lastly, you must make sure that you are not using bulbs, which is more than 40 watts. Bulbs with more than 40 watts are not suitable for this reading lamp. Those bulbs will not light up ultimately.

  • Unique and Stylish looks. The demanding object for decorating your room.
  • It includes dual 40-watt bulbs. It provides ease in reading books.
  • All the attachment accessories come with the packaging. It requires nothing extra to buy.
  • Not suitable for 3″ headboard. It doesn’t stay steady longer on those large headboards.
  • Bulbs do not come along with the package. Therefore, you have to buy it externally.

2. AUKEY Table Lamp With Touch Sensor

Top 8 Best Reading Lamp for bed in 2020 2AUKEY Table Lamp With Touch Sensor

Jumping to the second option of the best light for studying before you sleep, and that’s AUKEY Table Lamp. The lighting versatility of this bedside lamp will amaze you whenever you use it. Moreover, the touch control of this lamp makes it more lovable and provides a premium vibe to the user. Well! What makes it best from all the other lights in this list? Honestly! Everything. Trust me.

AUKEY Bedside Table Lamp suits every type of room, including study room, bedroom, modern office rooms, living room, hallways, etc. Besides that, you can change the color as well as the brightness of this lamp. 3 stage brightness level, which means, starts with soft to moderate and then the warmer stage.

The illumination of the lights will not harm anyway. Moreover, it provides comfortability and a cozy feel while relaxing or reading books before you shut your eyes off for sleep. As it is stylish and unique, thus, it can be a good option as a table lamp for the living room. The color change cycle option is also available on it. Whereas, you can also fix a specific color and change its brightness as well.

Very easy to use as it has a 360-degree touch control base. As a result, you can quickly swipe different colors, turn the light off or on, and change the brightness. On the other hand, you will be getting the plug-in adapter, user manual on the packet. Thus, you don’t require any extra purchase materials for this bedside night reading lamp.

  • Very modern style with chrome finish. It makes a beautiful showpiece.
  • Very lightweight. Very easy to carry.
  • The Bulbs are LEDs. It provides more brightness without creating any damage to the eyes.
  • No batteries required. No chance of getting dead within years.
  • Warranty included. You will get an entirely fresh new product if you find any defects within a year.
  • The brightness of the 3rd stage is too high. It might create disturbance to your partner sleeping next to you.

3. LuminoLite Rechargeable Warm & White LED Book Light

Top 8 Best Reading Lamp for bed in 2020 3LuminoLite Rechargeable Warm & White LED Book Light

Here comes precise equipment for all the bookworms. With three warm and dim modes of light and adjustable brightness option, this reading lamp will be your best pick, unquestionably. The LuminoLite Recharge Reading Lamp includes the clipping option. Thus, you can clip it to any object and use it. This book reading light, clips on everything. It also provides the best feature from all the other LED table lamps.

This clipping lamp comes with two different colors, Black and Turquoise. 6500K White, 4200K Mixed, and 3000K Warm SMD LEDs are present on this lamp. Thus, the brightness adjustment is rapid enough. You will be able to choose three brightness modes with three brightness levels. Furthermore, the brightness is eye-friendly as well. And you can read books or do your work comfortably with that soft light.

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It is a useful gadget for the study table as well. LuminoLite Clipping Lamp is enough to light up your book’s page and not disturb anyone else present in the room. You can also use this clipping lamp to read books while you will be traveling. All you have to do is just clip it on something higher than your head and turn it on. Very easy to use and very light in weight. You can also carry it anywhere very easily.

The best part of this lamp is, it provides a backup of about 60 hours with just an one time full charge. With the 1000 MAH LI-ION Battery, this lamp lights up for 60 hours straight (at low brightness). With the packaging, you will also get the micro-USB Charging Cable.

Built with hard plastic and also includes pads for more protection. The infinity flexible neck of the LuminoLite Clipping Lamp allows you to fix the position of the light in a specific direction where you need it. I will strongly suggest you not to miss these features. Just try it out, you will love it. It will surely be worth your price.

  • Clipping Feature. Ease of using it everywhere.
  • Adjustable Brightness. It provides no disturbance to other people around you.
  • 60 hours backup. With the onetime complete charge, you can use it for long.
  • Flexible Neck. It allows focusing the light on a particular direction where you need it.
  • 30 Days return payment option with a three-year guarantee. You can replace it anytime.
  • The neck is too flexible. It doesn’t stay fixed when it gets tilted towards gravity.

4. Rosslyn Rustic Swing Arm Wall Lamps

Top 8 Best Reading Lamp for bed in 2020 4 Rosslyn Rustic Swing Arm Wall Lamps

You might have heard a lot about the products of Barnes and Ivy. Rosslyn Rustic Swing Arm Wall Lamp is one of their products. So, you can already guess that there are plenty of specialties on this lamp. Yes! This reading lamp is extraordinary with its features and looks.

With the brown color finishing and the swinging neck feature, the Rosslyn Rustic Lamp suits in every home. On the other hand, it is easy to use as well. All you need to do is just plug-in the Cable to the main power board. It is a wall attach lamp which helps it to stay steady and focus the light in multiple directions with the help of its swing neck. Moreover, the swinging arm can is extendable to 21″. Therefore, the lamplight spreads equally to every direction which you want to cover.

You will also get the dimmer switch on it. It means, even if you keep it plugged in on the circuit board, you can still control it using that switch. Rosslyn Rustic Swing Lamp provides a French country style look to your room. So, you can attach it to your bedroom, study room, balcony, etc. And it lights up only one standard halogen bulb of about 60 watts. And that is pretty enough to read books before you sleep.

As the lamp is of Resin Construction with the Bronze finish and faux, that is why this lamp lasts longer in the period. Furthermore, the leather shades protect the bulb as well and help to spread the light wisely. This lamp provides the best brightness and color for studying, allowing no rays that provide damage to eyes. This traditional wall attached dim bulb will be the best pick if you also care about room decorations.

  • French Tradition Style. Looks great on every room
  • Leather Shades. Spread the light wisely and protect the bulb.
  • Swinging Arm. It allows the light to focus on the direction that you need.
  • Resin Construction with Bronze Finishing. Thus, it lasts longer.
  • Wall fixed lamp. Not handy.
  • No bulb with the package. Therefore, you need to buy the halogen bulb externally.

5. Brightech Leaf Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp for Bed

Top 8 Best Reading Lamp for bed in 2020 5Brightech Leaf Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp for Bed

Looking for which light is useful for reading? I don’t think you need to search for it anymore. You came to the right place, and you are reading the review of the right product. So far, it is one of the highest-selling reading lamps on the market. Undoubtedly it is the best light for reading and studying. It provides three stages of adjustable brightness, which is more than enough for participating in any tasks by turning off the room lights.

This lamp is available in three colors, black, silver, and gold. And it suits every type of environment decorations like traditional, contemporary, rustic, urban, industrial, etc. It is like the modern upgrades installed on a vintage style premium product. On the other hand, it has another name, and that is the Pharmacy Lamp. Its design points aestheticians especially.

Yet, its 1150 Lumen LED bulb illuminates your book, quilting, newspaper, etc. even the room lights are off. Installed pharmacy shades narrow the light direction and focus on a particular position where you exactly want it. The adjustable arm and head of this lamp improve the flexibility of using this lamp. Besides that, it is also fragile and skinny. And that is why it easily fits in every corner of the room.

If you are a makeup artist or a makeup freak, then the Brightech Leaf Adjustable Lamp will be the perfect pick. You can easily apply your eyelashes, extensions, facials, etc. Furthermore, this light provides no heat, and it doesn’t get hot itself as well. Therefore, you can perform any task under that light without any kind of disturbance.

Three-stage brightness allows you to get 100%, 50%, and 25% of the light. As a result, you can use any of them that you require. With zero damage on the light rays, the LED will surely last for 20,000 hours without any problems. It is undoubtedly the best table lamp for study.

  • Modern but tradition. Its uniqueness suits all types of environments.
  • Long-lasting LED. No need to worry about the LED for at least 20 years.
  • Adjustable head and arm. Provides the ease of using the lamp
  • Don’t turn hot and provide no heat. It allows you to use it for a longer time.
  • Very thin and skinny. Chances of breaking are 100% if it faces any hard hit or falls on the ground.

6. Brightech Litespan 2 in 1 Floor Reading Lamp For Bed

Top 8 Best Reading Lamp for bed in 2020 6Brightech Litespan 2 in 1 Floor Reading Lamp For Bed

It looks like Brightech is pushing its products very hard. Well! That is none of my business, either. So, let’s get back to the topic. Brightech Litespan comes with one look, and that is the Black. It delivers the high contrast light color which you get during the natural daylight. Therefore, you will get to read books or perform other tasks very precisely during the night without even disturbing your partner.

Though the Brightech Litespan is a perfect choice as a stand light for the living room. Yet, you can easily use it as a reading lamp for bed. Without any problems in your eyes, you can read or do any work with the help of this light. This light won’t create any problem to work with colors because it provides a natural white color.

You can also use it as a desk lamp. The pole with a circular base at the bottom holds it steady. And that is why you can make it stand anywhere you want. On the other hand, the gooseneck of this lamp helps the light focus on a particular position where you want it to be.

You can also attach the 3-foot leg, which makes it long enough to make it stand on the floor. Furthermore, the lamp is thin and skinny like the Brightech Leaf, and that is why it also fits in every corner and small spaces.

Litespan Reading Lamp is also accessible to the makeup freaks. It delivers excellent service to them, which requires precision on putting eyelashes, facials, tattoos, and many more. Even you will see that professionals are also using the Litespan Reading Lamp for their works.

Litespan has three multiple light colors. The color changes from refreshing white to warmer white. Therefore, the light rays are safe for your eyes, and you can comfortably use it for long. In that case, you must know that Brightech uses excellent light LEDs on its products. Ultimately, the Litespan LEDs will surely last for 20,000 hours as well. And the mercury functioning makes it lasts longer without any hesitation.

  • Simple and handy. Shift places whenever and where you need it.
  • High contrast natural light. It provides no damage to the eyes.
  • Long-lasting LEDs. Unless it falls and breaks off, the LEDs will run for 20,000 hours.
  • Flexible Neck. Get the light focus on a particular position where you need it.
  • Three-year warranty included. You can replace it if you find any problems.
  • Hard to set up. When you shift it from place to place, the parts may fall off and break.

7. Brightech Litespan – Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts and Reading

Here comes the third bedside reading lights from Brightech. It seems like; the top-notch products are fighting the market broadly. Though this lamp is not that different from the other Brightech lamps, it still has some differences.

Top 8 Best Reading Lamp for bed in 2020 7Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts and Reading

Brightech Litespan lamp is available in four different colors, alpine white, classic black, platinum silver, and Havana brown. For this reason, this lamp suits every room. It will grab every guest’s eye that is for sure. Like the other pole lamps of Brightech, this lamp delivers the same features.

The difference is the design of this lamp and the light-emitting rays. This lamp bulb provides 6,000K power of brightness. And that is what this lamp became exclusive from all the other reading lamps for bed.

You can use this light as long as you want because it doesn’t read books, this lamp is the best choice for artists and people who are fond of crafts. With losing no energy on a new source, the light lasts longer compared to the other dim lights. Moreover, all the LEDs of the Brightech are way too powerful and energy saver. As a result, they will surely last for 20 years, including this lamp’s LED.

  • Perfect for Kids. Light rays are suitable and provide enough light to perform tasks.
  • Long-Lasting LEDs. According to manufacture, the LEDs will last about 20,000 hours, which is 20 years approximately.
  • Brightech Litespan includes a three-year warranty. Replaceable.
  • Gooseneck. It can change the direction of the light focus.
  • Body is of plastic. Might break if it gets a hard hit or falls hard on the ground

8. Micro LED Flood Lamp with 4 Brightness Level

Top 8 Best Reading Lamp for bed in 2020 8Micro LED Flood Lamp with 4 Brightness Level

Ending up the list with none other than the Miroco LED Floor Lamp. It is the most energy saver and the most long-lasting reading lamp. With that said, the 10W LED provides 450 lumens of brightness. Though it is a dim light, it has the brightness level of lighting up your entire room. This elegant looking reading lamp will go on for about 20,000+ hours, undoubtedly.

Besides all that, Miroco LED Floor Lamp saves 80% of electricity from all the other lamps on this list. On the other hand, the lamp includes 4 stage brightness. 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of adjustable brightness. Yet, it also provides 16 different light modes for you. Ultimately, you can pick any of them according to your room.

With the square base, the Miroco LED Lamp is steady and stable enough. The sturdy coating makes the lamp stronger and protects it from damages. The light inside this lamp is also under the protection of the sturdy shell. It provides natural white light. And it helps you to read the book comfortably without any brain or eye pains.

You can easily move the flexible neck of this reading lamp and make it focus on a certain direction wherever you want. Moreover, the height of this light is also adjustable. Thus, you can fit it in anywhere you want. This lamp provides 18 months of After-sales Service warranty.

  • Adjustable height. Easy to shift and carry.
  • Flexible neck. Allows to focus the light direction on the specific position.
  • Long-lasting material. No need to purchase any extra materials for at least two years.
  • Eighteen months of after-sale service warranty. No worries about damages.
  • Adjustable brightness. No chance of getting any disturbance with high brightness.
  • Sturdy body makes it heavy. Chances of falling off are high, even on little touch.

Factors You Must Consider Before You Buy the Reading Lamps for Bed

Before buying anything, you must have precise knowledge about that product. Well! I made it easy for you by dodging all the essential factors and mention them down below. If you can match the features along with your choice, undoubtedly, that will be your best pick.

Flexibility in Use

Well! Lights with simple functionality are suitable for every environment. Even kids can control them pretty fine. But the more complicated it gets, the harder it becomes to sustain being a customer. And talking about reading lamps for bed, then you must look for something which you can use in comfort and with ease.

Flexible Neck

No matter what type of reading lamps you choose, it must include the gooseneck. It will help you either way. You can move the neck of the light’s head and make it focus on a specific position with ease. Ultimately, the tasks you will be doing under that light will be precise and accurate. And if we talk about the height adjustment, then that pick will be the best reading lamp for bed.

Adjustable Brightness

You will find bed lamps with a brightness change option. This option will help you pick the best brightness you require. As a result, it also prevents you from disturbing your partner who will sleep next to you. Some reading lamps are so powerful that lots of professional makeup artists use those lamps to perform their actions. And those actions end with an excellent result as well.

Wrapping Up

Here, I am ending up the context with the list of best eight reading lamps for bed and what you must consider while choosing them. For now, I don’t think you require any more information about all the products that I mentioned, in this content. I included all the depth details of every reading lamp which their manufacturer provided and also what their user felt and said. So, read the details and pick the best one that matches your needs.


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