Top 10 Best Lamps For Drawing In 2020

Over time, people are upgrading via technologies. In the older days, people used to be big fans of designs and drawings. But now, most of them have shifted their drawing passions into Graphics Design and other stuff.

Even though the profession and passion changed, but the equipment is still providing the same service, and they are handy. Among all this equipment, the most needed instrument is the lamp for the artwork, which helps to get more clarity while doing work even at daylight.

However, if you are one of them who loves designing works, but you are facing the question about what are the best lamps for drawing? Then we will say, you end up at the right place, dear.

In this context, you will find the best ten picks of artist table lamps that many experienced artists and designers used and referred to us. Besides that, we also mentioned the details and specifications of every product. Hence, it will be easy for you to pick the best drawing lights according to your needs.

Detailed Information about the Ten Best Lamps for Drawing

Lamps we mentioned down below are all unique and best according to the service they deliver. Besides that, we also thought about your flexibility and picked products from different price ranges.

Thus, we are confident that no one will leave empty-handed from our product listing.

So let us introduce you to our best picks and help you choose the perfect art lamp:

1. Koncept Lady 7 LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

We are starting our list with the highest price range product that delivers excellent service. It is none other than the Koncept Lady Desk Lamp.

Now, why is it at the top? Aren’t you asking this question? Well, this desk lamp comes with four different colors and two variants in size: the available colors silver, matte black, matte red, and matte white. And you will get this in size of a desk lamp as well as a floor lamp.

Therefore, you can use the floor size lamp by standing it next to your bed and then work under its light. It provides more flexibility in work.

The thin-wispy silhouette sleek design makes it suitable for every desk, and the color variants also provide a different look to the room.

Touch control on and off control makes it look more stylish and trendy. And the continuous dimming feature is also present on this Koncept Lady Desk Lamp.

Long-lasting 7 LEDs that provide ultra-efficient rays to enlighten your project, which is why you can visualize your works and make it done within time.

Though it provides great light, it also involves little heat in the warm mode when it works for a long time. But the heat is tolerable because the temperature of this lamp is adjustable from warm to cool. As a result, it provides no damage to your eyes.

The unique feature that makes it stand out is; it also includes a USB Charging Port. That means while using the lamp, you can also charge your electronic devices like your tablet, phone, and other gadgets.

All these combinations make the light an award-winning device for artists and designers. And guess what? This lamp already achieved multiple awards like; “Japan Good Design Award 2014”, “Interiors and Sources Readers’ Choice Award 2014,” and many more. – Another reason for high pricing.

  • Adjustable Height. It allows you to use this lamp as a bedside reading lamp as well as a desk lamp for drawing.
  • Adjustable Temperatures. Prevents overheating the table or the object and provides comfort to eyes.
  • Long-lasting Ultra-Efficient LEDs. It will run for at least seventeen years if you use it for eight hours long a day.
  • USB Charging Port. Charging any device on this lamp is also eligible even when the lamp is on.
  • Auto Shut-off Timer. The lamp will turn off itself after every five hours to prevent any damage to the light itself as well as to you.
  • It doesn’t Suit Rough Use. It will be dead after a year or two if you use it too roughly.
  • High Price Rate. Not a perfect choice for casual lamp users.

2. Koncept AR3 100-W-MBK-DSK Z-BAR Mini LED Desk Lamp

The first time we saw the Koncept AR3 100, we were staring at this lamp at a glance. This desk lamp itself looks so unique that it will grab your eyes, at least for once.

The three Z-bar compilation of this AR3 100 desk lamp provides the ease of moving its head and focus the light on a specific direction. And most of us who are table lamp users prefer the flexible head of the lamp.

The contemporary stylings with lots of color options make this lamp look like a toy. But honestly, you will admit that the service it delivers makes it a high-end desk lamp.

Furthermore, like the Koncept desk lamp history, you will also get the on/off and dimming touch switch functionality on this lamp, which makes it easier to control.

Koncept AR3 100 Desk Lamp contains 28 long-lasting LEDs that provide no bulkiness or fades to the light. And the light rays provide no damage to your eyes as well. Whereas, these 28 tiny bulbs provide bright low heat light to make your subject clear from all the angles.

Well, if you don’t crack the bulbs or drop the light on the floor from high heights, the light will deliver its service for about fifty thousand hours. In contrast, this lamp also achieved an award for the service it provides to us.

  • Recyclable Aluminum. It provides no harm to the environment as the aluminum is re-useable.
  • Energy Saver. It requires only ten watts to run.
  • 6.5 watts of Long-lasting LEDs. Under daily use, it will surely go for 15 to 17 years.
  • A bit small for tall people. It is a perfect desk lamp for kids.

3. Flo’s Kelvin Edge C/Base Lamps

Wait! Before we start elaborating on the product details, let me tell you some vital information about these artist desk lamps.

Drawing lamps are different compared to reading desk lamps. Drawings lamps always release equal light to the workspace, which motivates and makes us more creative on our task.

And talking about equal distribution of light rays, Flo’s Kelvin Edge Chrome desk lamp for drawing comes in the list. If you are well known to other professional artists or a big fan of their works, then hopefully, you are very familiar with this product as well.

Flo’s Kelvin Edge C/Base Chrome Desk Lamp is none other than the most suitable desk lamp for indoor usage. Although it doesn’t point out correctly for only the artist or designers, yet, you can also use it for reading books, working late at night, and many more.

Besides being the best, this lamp will also upset you with its packaging, as you will not get the LED bulb along with the light. You have to purchase the LED separately. But luckily, this lamp requires only a single LED lamp.

Meanwhile, it also allows that you can change the LED anytime you want. We meant like the other attached LED lamps on this list, the Flo’s Kelvin Chrome Desk Lamp has the flexibility of using the light for long terms.

  • Glossy Outlook. Gives a standard arrangement look to your room.
  • Light Intensity varies with a switch. You can shift the color from warm to cool that suits your work.
  • Sturdy and substantial base. Makes the lamp more durable and long-lasting.
  • Delivers 300 Lumens of Brightness. This brightness is not enough for precision works, but yes, according to the budget, it brightens enough.

4. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp for drawing

Here comes the most top-selling light for drawings on our list. It is way too famous in the table lamp world. And Amazon has more than twelve thousand reviews of this lamp.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp holds the market with its specialties. And those specialties are very rare in other table lamps, which is why it grabs attention and choice.

This lamp comes with around four different colors. You will get the white, black, black wood grain and white wood grain color. Which means you have lots of choices to pick. Besides of its specifications, the attractive glossy look of this lamp also makes it stand out from the other product of my list.

The light rays of this lamp are adjustable from warm to cool. And they provide no damage to your eyes. Besides that, the brightness is enough to make your professional work done within less time. Students mostly use this TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp as its qualifications match for reading, drawing as well as studying.

TaoTronics also involves a USB Port on their lights which serves more flexibility to the users by allowing to charge their device besides of using the lamp.

Indeed, you can make the lamp focus on a particular position as its head is movable. Therefore, you can work at any angle you want without getting any shadow issues.

Last but not least, if you are previously known to table lamps, you must have heard the lasting capacity of TaoTronics Lamps. The energy-saving LEDs will surely last for at least five to seven years if you don’t use it roughly.

  • Flexible Controls. Includes touch panel control, which makes this lamp use more wisely and efficiently.
  • Five Color and Seven Brightness Modes. Adjustable temperature and brightness help you to use it according to your settings at various times.
  • Installed USB Charging Port. While using the lamp, you can also charge any of your devices with a USB Cable.
  • Energy Saving Long Lasting LEDs. TaoTronics Desk Lamps will save 75% of electricity and have a life of 5 to 10 years on standard usage.
  • Low paint Quality. It grabs scratches very fast.
  • Reflective Stand. Sometimes the high brightness light reflects the stand and creates disturbance while working.

5. Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp with Clamp

Here comes another best lamp for drawings on our list. Joly Joy Swing Arm Lamp is a bomb in a tight budget for late-night active desk workers. If you are one of them, then we will suggest you try this at least once. Our research result shows almost zero poor feedback from any Joly Joy Swing Arm Lamp users.

This architectural table is also the right choice for artists and designers. The long swing flexible arm and head of this lamp allow you to use it from any angle or direction you want.

Besides the flexible movement, the extended 40” stand helps the light spread on the table equally with more clarity. Thus, you can work with more perfection and for a long time without any irritations.

Indeed, the zero flicker long-lasting LEDs create no damage to the eyes and allow no heat rays even after a long term of usage. You will not face any shadows or glares that distracts you from your work.

You can also adjust the brightness and temperature of this art desk light from 3000 to 5500K of warm to whiteness. And that is what makes it perfect for drawing as in this profession you desire precise color and brightness which you are getting in this Joly Joy Swing Arm Desk Lamp.

Apart from this, you can also adjust the timer settings and store them in the lamp’s memory for later purposes. Which means this lamp can handle multiple users’ configuration and load it within a single click.

It also requires no space on your desk as it is baseless. Baseless means, you have to hook it up with your table’s edge with its clamp. And we must admit, that clamp was powerful and hard to fall even on pressing or pushing the lamp.

  • Eye Care Light Rays. It helps to prevent Eye strains and provides zero damage even after using the lamp for a long time straight.
  • Bright Lumens. You can also use it during day time as it is also an artist daylight lamp.
  • Includes Three Modes. Working Mode, Relaxation Mode and Reading Mode with one press activate the option
  • Timer and memory installed. Set up the color and brightness that is perfect for your work, add it to its memory, and then use it at a later time with just a single click.
  • Saves a lot of Space. Unlike the other table lamps, this light clamps with your desk’s edge, thus you will be getting no irritation of the lamp stand’s base while working.
  • One button control dimmer/brightener. Makes it hard to use on the initial stage, but later on, you will get habituated
  • Poor Touch Control. Sometimes you need to smash the finger hard on the panel to make the touch work.
  • Not usable in Horizontal position. Only capable of using it vertically.

6. Phive LED Task Dimmable Gooseneck Monitor Lamp with clamp

Phive LED Task Lamp is marvelous of desk lamps with multiple features that make it more flexible to use on everyday purposes.

Phive Task Lamp includes a wide lightbar that emits the light rays in a broad pattern. As a result, it can cover more space compared to the other thin desk lamp bars.

Unlike other table lamps, Phive allows you to work on multiple projects at a time on a big table. Its high-quality 20W LEDs with zero flicker and glare shades prevent any damage to your eyes and provides no pains or strains after using it for a long time.

Those of you who do multitasking works very often; you guys can try this lamp once. We are confident enough that it will not upset you, as it didn’t to other users.

Meanwhile, the sad thing about this lamp is that you cannot make it move at any angle. Its gooseneck allows you to move only in up and down direction. Though, this lamp will illuminate your entire desk, which is why you do not need to move its neck angle wise and fix the light direction.

Having four color temperatures from warm to cool and adjustable five-stage dimmer delivers more efficiency on your work. And the memory functionality provides the ease of using the perfect color and temperature level set on a later period with one switch activation.

  • Easy to control and use. The touch panel on the front side of the light helps to change the setting very easily.
  • Clear lumen rays. Perfect choice to perform drawings as it provides more clarity and no shadows.
  • No glare or ghost shades. Prevents any distraction and helps to hold your concentration for long terms.
  • Spacer Saver. Attachable clamp method saves a lot of space on the table.
  • Aluminum Body. Increase in longevity.
  • Gentle Movement makes it Flicker. Yes, it flickers, but only when you push it or try to move it hardly.

7. BZBRLZ Metal Swing LED Architect Desk Lamp

Another clamping table lamp for you. According to research, more space with no distraction provides more focus and concentration, which makes the work complete within less time.

Here, the BZBRLZ Architect Desk Lamp is one of them, who delivers no glare, ghost shades or flickers while it is on. Hence, you can efficiently work under this lamp very comfortably. Most artists use this lamp because of its features and specifications.

With three color modes and infinite brightness level adjustments, the lamp is best for night time works. Indeed, the infinite stage of brightness will surely light up your entire room at midnight.

BZBRLZ Architect Desk lamp looks so dramatic and robotic because of its hard body. That sturdy body is of metal, which increases its longevity, and the sleek design will attract crowds.

Moreover, you won’t believe how flexible is this lamp to control and use it unless you try it once. The remote wired on this lamp provides you four buttons controls.

And honestly, BZBRLZ Desk Lamp seriously contains the best light bulb for drawing. We meant, if you are an artist, sketcher, painter, or designer, then undoubtedly, this lamp will be the only pick for you. But if you are looking for lights for other purposes like reading, writing as well, then this content includes other best desk lamps as well.

  • Made of metal. Glossy Sleek Design and Sturdy Body with more life.
  • Long Lasting High Lumen Bulbs. Under regular use, it will sure give backup for about 60,000 hours.
  • Every Joint is moveable. Just move it however you want, we have no explanation about it.
  • Emits Zero Damage Light Rays. It creates no pains in eyes after using for a long time straight.
  • Includes the Memory setting. Set one mode and continue using it with just one click
  • 12 Month of product Guarantee and 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Not Enough Lumens. It is not a perfect option for daytime usage.
  • Don’t spread the light widely. This lamp prefers only for small desks.

8. Wellwerks Modern Architect Table Lamp with Touch Control

There you go! It is the time for which we were waiting for so long. Honestly, reviewing products with most beneficial features and within affordable price, really makes us more comfortable to go in-depth research with that product and elaborate everything about it to you.

And by saying that we meant that Wellwerks is offering us this beneficial desk lamp for artworks and designers, which consists of many features and are available at a very cheap rate.

Like the other desk lamps for drawings, this architect table lamps also offers the flexibility of moving its neck, body and arms. However, the zombie head of this lamp is 360 degrees rotatable as well. And the two arms are movable to up and down only, which is 198 degree. And like the head, you can also move the bottom base all around its panel.

The head of this lamp is in the shape of a circle. You may have already understood the benefit of this circle shape. If you are thinking about that this circle LED base helps to distribute the light equally, then you are right dear. Yes, this awkward shaped LED Lamp allows no shadows while working under it.

Besides those flexibilities, Wellwerks Clamp LED Desk Lamp allows you to have space on your desk as has to attach on the table’s edge. Thus, you can easily take vast expanse of your table and perform your precision artworks.

Wellwerks thinks about their customer satisfaction which is why they offer 12 months service warranty. Any problem you face just let them know, they will ensure you 100% satisfaction every way.

  • Energy Saver. Like some other lamps on this list, this Wellwerks clamp LED Desk Lamp also offers high-end brightness having 126 LEDs but ends up consuming very less Electrical energy.
  • Changeable Color. You can change the colour from white to warm yellowish. It depends on what you will be doing under that light and how to comfort you are. There are several colour modes. So many of them will surely match your requirements.
  • Foldable and Transportable. Having Ghost head with 360-degree rotation and flexible arms and base, you can easily pack it inside you travelling bag by folding into its small size.
  • High Durability. Metal stuff lasts long, and Wellwerks clamp LED Desk lamp used that same material on their light, which is why it will keep on delivering its service until you throw and break it apart.
  • Memory Functionality. Setting up the light’s temperature and colours every day gives a massive pain on the ass. Therefore, Wellwerks also provided the storage facility where you can set up your colour and temperature adjustments and then use it with just a single click.
  • Not large enough to use it as a bedside lamp. Short height mainly targeted for drawing purposes and table lamp users.

9. JUKSTG 36 pcs LEDs 14W 7 Dimming Levels Table Lamps with 4 Lighting Modes

One thing before we start! Don’t know why as we are going down the list, the products are getting damn awesome and affordable.

JUKSTG Desk Lamp is mainly the one which is proving that concept. With having 36pcs of its LEDs and consuming 14W of average electrical energy, this lamp just beat every single table lamp theories.

Meanwhile, every feature of this table light matches the others on this list. But the thing that makes it unique is its looks and its affordable price.

If you are seeking for lamps in need of late-night activities? Without any single hesitation, this lamp would make appreciate about it by its delivering features. Indeed, JUKSTG Desk Lamp is the best lamp for drawing having all-around features that a designer, sketcher or an artist requires.

Just do us a favour, check out the average selling of this product on the Amazon. Currently, it is above 1800 of ratings on this lamp, now can you guess the selling rate? Without a doubt, it’s the most top-selling table lamps in Amazon.

This Lamps also includes a touch panel control and USB Charging Port. How often, have you found a table lamp which has a low price but involves all the necessities every table lamp user requires. If not yet, then this is your product. Yes! Believe us. It is only for you.

When you start your drawing or reading or any work before you go to bed, you can do that very nicely as the light rays from this lamp allow relaxation.

  • Zero Damage Light Rays. Allows you to work straight hours after hours without any pains or strains on your eyes.
  • Charging Port Installed. Besides using the lamp, you can also charge up any of your devices via the USB Cable.
  • Stops at Every 1-Hour. Gives you a break from deep down concentration which may create a harmful impact on your brain and also saves electricity by not becoming hot.
  • Touch Feature Control Panel. The flexibility of using this lamp is out of the league. Moreover, the advance featuring touch control panel gives it a trendy stunning look.
  • Adjustable Light Modes. Makes it usable for random purposes and also for professional workings.
  • No indicators are available. So, initially, you have to try it out by changing it and manually understand it. Later on, you can set up the settings and use it with one-click activation.
  • Small Height. Not a perfect option as a floor lamp.

10. EYOCEAN LED Desk Lamp With Adjustment Color Temperature

Well, it looks like we reached at the end of the best lamps for the drawing list. And we are concluding the file with another amazing, but a standard LED Desk Lamp. And it is the EYEOCEAN swing Arm Work Light Desk Lamp.

This lamp is suitable for ordinary table users. In short, it also includes plenty of features like the other lamps on this list. The specifications of this lamp are enough to make your simple works done like reading books, working on assignments and drawings.

Taking care of visibility and eye strains, EYEOCEAN designed this beautiful and affordable desk lamp. The light rays of this light provide enough lumens to brighten your desk and to relax you.

In the meantime, one thing must be clear about these lamps is that according to the price don’t judge these lamps. We meant, if the cost of the light is low, then don’t count it bad.

We researched a lot and picked the best one within the best price possible. And that is why it is top ten best lamps for drawings.

And saying that, you will get all the features on this lamp that a high price table lamp includes. The fact is, you will be getting this lamp within affordable prices whereas the same features delivering by the other lights on this list are costly.

  • Clamping Method. Saves your desk spaces
  • Easy Setup. Just plug-in and tight the knots; ready to use.
  • It avoids Eye Strains. The anti-glare, non-flicker LED light rays put zero pressure on the eyes.
  • Brightness Sensor. The brightness can also be set auto which will allow the lamp itself to adjust its brightness comparing the intensity around it
  • Memory Features Includes. You can set up one adjustment of colour and temperatures and then use it on later purpose with just a single click.
  • 12W power consumption. This lamp saves much electrical energy.
  • Only Gooseneck. The body is not rotatable or movable. Only the head is movable.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I am still confused to pick the best one from them?
Well, if you have gone through the context and read out every detail of the products, you shouldn’t have the confusion. As they are the same in quality but some are offering plenty of different features within affordable prices. Just do one thing, and that is to ask yourself, why do you need a table lamp?

You will get lots of different results on that question. It is okay to get plenty of results. Those results are your requirements. So just match the product features with your needs. You will come out with a single pick at the end.

What is the Best Lamp for Drawing in this List?

Well, on this list, there are plenty of them. But the best one according to Living Decorator’s best pick is none other than the Desk Lamp with Clamp, Wellwerks Eye-Caring Swing Arm Lamp with Touch Control, Stepless Dimming, 10/45 Minute Auto Timer, and Modern Architect Table Lamp for Task Study Reading Working/Home Dorm Office.
While reading the descriptions of the lamps, you may have noticed that all the features of all the lights in this list are present in this single Wellwerks Eye-Caring Swing Arm Lamp. Moreover, just check the price dearly. It is very affordable. Without any doubt, these lamps beat all.

How to choose a perfect Drawing lamp?

Choosing equipment for a dependable passion is critical. We barely find some people who just picked any ordinary material and then modified them according to their needs to make their work done within affordable price.
Meanwhile, drawing is also a passion which is hard to attempt. And a proper instrument always makes the thing more comfortable. In that case, a table or desk lamp is on the list. Therefore, you must invest in maximum knowledge to choose the perfect light for your artworks.

Things you must consider:

Flexibility Head, Arms and Base.
It not only allows you to place it anywhere but also offers you the ease of setting it up on a particular angle that you get no shadow or any interference while working on your project.

Useful Quality Built-in Materials.
We don’t think we need to elaborate this point as you must already know that, the hard and durable material used in anything makes it lasts for a long time.

Length and Height.
Make sure you purchase the lamp that has enough base to head height which is perfect for your desk. You know, sometimes it happens that a non-flexible light with a little bit longer height gives more shadows on works as the head of the lamp goes up your head. Therefore, you must go for that lamp which has the height of your desk to head distance. It will allow no shadow on your project.

Adjustable Modes with Easy Controls

Here comes an important point. If you go for a table lamp which has no mode changing option or one light option only, then it would be better if you work with a torchlight or the flashlight of your mobile phone.

Talking about desk lamps, you must purchase a light that has a variety of colour and temperature modes.

Moreover, in the case of drawing, art or design works, different colour mode lamp is a must. Otherwise, you will surely ruin your task as you will see a different tone and colour while the table lamp is on. And you will see another colour after you turn off the lamp and turn on your room light.

Clamping Clips.

Lamps with clamping option are far better than a flat base. The flat base occupies some space on your desk, and sometimes it gives irritation to move hands and objects flexibly. Whereas, clamping allows you to fix it anywhere you want and use it. 

If you want, you can also clamp it by your bedside and read books late at night. If you prefer the clamping table lamps, then you are just shooting two birds with one bullet. Besides a table lamp, you are also using it as a bedside lamp. And honestly, most of the professionals prefer to such products that deliver multitask.

Wrapping Up

Here comes the end of the massive context. If you have gone through content entirely, you must have known that this context contains the list of best lamps for drawing. Along with that, you also learned how to pick the best light from all the other.

Indeed, we also mentioned the best lamp according to us on this list. Therefore, with all the necessary details about how light should be for an artist, we made it easy for you to go for a lamp that is perfect for drawing. Hence, if needed, read the descriptions again of certain products that included in the first position of your list, before you buy them.

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