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Nowadays, people spend around four hours on average, behind the computer desks or on the study table, which is why our focus and concentration stay on something for a long time. As a result, we face eye problems.

Best dekh lamp for eyes
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Since we all want to avoid these eye strains, we must include some good quality lights beside our study table or computer desk. And in this article, you will find that list of seven best desk lamps for eyes with their details.

These lamps will not only provide you decent light but will also offer more comfortability while working under it. Researchers found that unnecessary strains on eyes will end up creating permanent shortsightedness. So let’s dive into the content and check out what features our selected lamps are delivering to avoid this eye problem.

Detailed Information about Computer Desk Lamps

Table lamps or desk lamps mostly come with LED lights. They prevent creating any damages to the eyes. Thus, you can smoothly perform any tasks for a longer time. Down this content, you will find those lamps useful for eyes.

Now you might have a question about which color lamp is best for eyes. Well! The desk lamp has different colors. Some are warmer, whereas some are white. However, white ones are more eligible and comfortable compared to the warmer ones.

The benefit of these led desk lamps is the adjustable color temperatures. They might be the brightest desk lamp, but they allow zero heating radiation. And talking about heating rays, you will get multiple color temperatures on these lamps, which you can choose on your needs. So no chance of any damage caused by the temperatures of these desk lamps.

Sustainability, high performance, and less maintenance are the common factors on this lamp list. These lights will last for at least 50,000 hours unless they are broken or damaged. Therefore, you can stay tensionless about changing those LEDs.

On the other hand, it saves around 95% of electricity and produces carbon-di-oxide in less amount. We guarantee that you won’t find these features on the non-led desk lamps.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump to the descriptions of the best desk lamp for eyes and select the best one according to your space.

List of 7 Best Desk Lamps for Eyes with Their Details

Here it is! You have come to the Perfect section, where we have mentioned the Seven best reading lamps for eyes that will benefit you in every way. So taking no more time, let’s take a look at the description of our selected products and choose the best one for you.

1. BenQ Silver Genie E-Reading LED World’s First Desk Lamp

Let’s start with the best products on the list. Let me remind you once again; we do not define the products with the serial of the list. Every product is the best in terms of its features.

Here, BenQ Silber Genie E-Reading LED Desk Lamp deserves the first position because it’s the most known desk lamp to every one of us who spends quality time on computer desks or study tables.

This LED lamp is available in 3 different colors and two different varieties. Though all the colors suit it very well but you can still pick the best color from blue, gold and silver. And the two types include the flexible neck and the steady neck. Those colors are available in both varieties.

With its curved head, the lamp lights up the entire desk. And the ball joints make it smoother to move the head according to your direction.
The temperature of the light with its color is both adjustable. The adjustable knob of this lamp helps you to pick either a warm or cold temperature. But the brightness is also adjustable for both the temperatures.

Do you want to know the best part of this lamp? It’s the auto-dimming mode. Let’s read how this auto-dimming mode helps us.

This lamp will detect the brightness of the environment around it and set the temperature and intensity of its light by itself. And for this feature, if you want, you can work comfortably under this light all day without any eye damage.

Even if the head of the light is curved, you will not get any flash or jerk. Instead, the lamp provides more smooth light, which will illuminate your desk.

Its knob and intuitive touch control will help you set the temperature more efficiently. The color temperature range is from 2600 to 5600K.
Without a single doubt, this lamp will grab your mind when you use it for the first time. And that is why the BenQ Silver Genie E-Reading LED lamp is at the pick position of the best desk lamp for eyes list.

  • Curved Head. Distribute the light equally and illuminates the entire desk.
  • Flexible Neck Feature. You can focus on the direction of the light according to your needs.
  • Zero Flicker and Glare. Allows no disturbance while performing any task under this lamp.
  • Auto-Dimming Facility. It will set its temperature and brightness itself by detecting the surrounding light condition.
  • Energy Saving. LEDs take only 18 watts of power for high intensity and will surely glow for 50,000 hours.
  • Might lose its elasticity. If you move its angle or its neck a lot at once, it might break off as if it is made of plastic.

2. TT-DL050 Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp with Fast Wireless Charger

Let’s look at the second product on our list later. Here, we are going to discuss the details of the TaoTronics TT-DL050 Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp.

Although we said it earlier that we do not measure the products with the list numbers. Yet, we are suggesting to you again that, don’t think this lamp is not better than the BenQ Silver Genie Lamp, because it is not in the first place. This lamp is also unique with its features, which you will not find in the other lights on this list.

Well! You will find only one available color of this lamp, which is the standard Iron Grey color. It makes the lamp look standard, and the shiny coating helps the lamp suit with every type of room.

This lamp also includes an adjustable neck and arm. Which is why you can fix the light direction at any angle you want.

Besides that, the durable metal coated body makes it hard to break and survive for a long time. But the sad part is that the arm and neck is a scratch grabber. So avoid using it roughly against walls or make sure it doesn’t fall on the ground again and again.

The combination of 5 light colors and six different brightness makes this lamp unique from the other LED bulbs for eyes in this list. You can set the brightness level up to 1200 lux.

Among all its unique features, this lamp ends up with another useful feature, and that is its USB Port. Hence you can also use the USB Port to charge your electronic devices.

TaoTronics TT-DL050 Desk Lamp also provides no-glare illumination. Thus, you will get any interruption while working under this light. Moreover, the light rays give no damage to the eyes as well. Therefore, you can use this lamp as long as you want.

It also involves a Qi-enabled Charging Pad, which is wireless. Can you believe how many facilities you are getting on a simple desk lamp? It provides a unique vibe to the room.

You can charge your iPhone as well as Samsung phones but up to a specific version. The high-speed wireless charging pad can provide charge up to 7.5W to your iPhone X/8/8 Plus and 10W to Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/ Note 8.

Besides, you will all get other multiple functionalities on this TaoTronics TT-DL050 Desk Lamp. Touch control panel, the timer of 60-minute, function of memory, night light, etc. This item is a collection of functionalities. You will surely love using this desk lamp.

  • Adjustable colors. You can choose from the bright warm to the bright cool light illumination.
  • Adjustable Brightness. Six different types of brightness are available in this light, so no chance of extreme brightness issues or low brightness issues.
  • Wireless Charging pad. It provides quick charge wirelessly to your device like iPhone or Samsung.
  • Saves Energy. The soft illumination light saves a lot of energy and also helps you reduce the fatigue from the eyes.
  • Adjustable Angles. It allows you to focus the light direction as you want.
  • Makes a deficient volume but high pitch sound, which can be a problem while using it in a completely silent room.

3. Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp With USB Rechargeable

Here comes the gorgeous LED desk lamp on this list. Being the simplest lamp, it stands out from all the other desk lamps with its premium look.

Luxe Cordless LED Desk Lamps are available in three different colors of silver, gold and space grey. And we all know that these colors blend in with all the environments all the time. These colors make it more classy and stylish.

The LEDs which are on this desk lamp are very energy efficient. Moreover, it has three color modes with six different brightness stages. And you can simply adjust it from the touch panel on the base.

However, apart from this, there are 16 more settings available on this lamp that helps to deliver you the perfect brightness and color combination.

Like we mentioned earlier that all the desk lamps come with unique features that make it ideal for the user. The same goes for the Luxe Cordless LED Desk Lamp. Its chargeable facility makes it unique. It means with a single charge you can use the lamp anytime you want. It also helps you to carry the desk lamp along with you on a long trip.

You have to use a micro USB cable to charge the Luxe LED Desk Lamp. And once you give it a full charge, it will run for 40 hours straight. Damn! You can easily use it for two nights very quickly with a single charge. But make sure that you must use the charger only that comes along with the box.

Furthermore, the lamp itself is extremely flexible. You can twist it, bend it, and rotate it to a 360-degree angle without any trouble. It will not break off either lose its elasticity.

Built-in elegant looks give it a beautiful finishing of classy vintage editions. And it is compatible with almost all types of purposes like the garage, dresser, working bench, camping, etc. It will easily mix itself with everywhere you place it and gives the place a new look with its classy style.

The sad part of using this LED lamp is that it produces a minimal amount of heat. But it provides no glare and no UV rays. Therefore, the light creates no damage to the eye, and it is eligible to use it for a long time.

Besides that, you already know the brightness is adjustable. Therefore, it prevents eye strains while reading or working under this light.

Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp is very durable, like the other LED desk lamps for eyes I mentioned in the list.

High-Grade Aluminium makes the bar more reliable and durable. Whereas the soft-rubber provides enough elasticity to use the light with no uncomfortableness. Moreover, the lamp is water-resistant as well. Well! That is a plus point.

This desk lamp has 28 LEDs with 50,000 hours of running guarantee. And these LEDs run with 2000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery, which takes 3 hours to charge and offers the runtime around 40 hours.

  • Adjustable Body. You can rotate, twist, and bend all the way around.
  • Chargeable. Runs 40 hours with straight 3 hours charge
  • Glamourous looks. Matches with all kinds of interiors.
  • Aluminum Body. More durable and prevents it from breaking when it bumps or falls.
  • Eighteen settings of color and brightness adjustments. Three light modes with six brightness stages allow you to pick the best one that matches your needs.
  • Lightweight and Portable. The perfect option for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • No indication of charging. You have to mark the time of charge by yourself.
  • Very skinny and wobbly. Certain hand gestures or gentle touch will make it fall.

4. TaoTronics TT-DL13B Eye Caring LED Table Lamp

Here is another product of TaoTronics for you. It seems that TaoTronics is providing suitable lamps in the market. And that is the reason TaoTronics has won the title of best desk light for eyes.

TaoTronics TT-DL13B LED Desk Lamp comes at the fourth position on my list. Though, both the TaoTronics TT-DL050 and TT-DL13B are same, yet, it depends on what purpose you are using these desk lamps. You will surely find a lot of difference when either of their features matches your needs.

You will find three different colors of these lamps; Black, white, and white wood grain. These colors are standard so that it will fit your study room, office room, garage, etc. very nicely.

It also delivers gentle light rays and provides no flicker, which is perfect for eyes. Therefore, when you are working under this desk light, you will not get any disturbance. Moreover, you can also work as long as you want under this desk lamp as the light rays deliver no damage to the eye.

With its combination of 5 color modes and seven brightness stages, the Tao Tronics TT-DL13B seems to be the best desk lamp for eyes in the list of TaoTronics Reading Desk Lights.

Besides that, it also has a USB Port, which you can use to charge your device. Now on, you don’t need to sacrifice your phone charging time even when your desk lamp is already joined in the circuit board.

Flexible neck with the 135 degrees head-up movement stand makes the light use with more ease. Well! You can rotate the neck at 90 degrees and swivels at 45 degrees. It looks like this lamp left no option to prevent its light from spreading all over your desk.

Like the TaoTronics TT-DL050, this lamp also saves a lot of energy. Indeed, it will surely save 75% of your electricity. Thus, no worries about electricity consumption.

One tap power button. Long pressing that switches will shut down the system. The brightness adjustment dial is also available on this desk lamp. This dial makes it easier to control the brightness. One tap change mode button is also present on the light.

Well! Till now, so far, the specs tell us that this lamp will be a perfect choice for kids. If you are looking for desk lights for your kids, then TaoTronics TT-DL13B will be your best pick. Before other lamps down below confuse you more, just try it out once. We believe you will love this desk light.

  • Flicker-free and Energy Efficient LED. Prevents eye strains and consumes very little energy.
  • TouchPad Controls. It allows you to use this lamp in a very flexible way.
  • Head-up stands with a 90-degree neck. It helps the light focus on wherever you want.
  • Seven Brightness with Five Color Modes. It starts from warm to cool level with dimmable to extreme brightness. It’s your choice to pick.
  • It has a USB Port. Helps to charge any device even when the lamp is connected in the socket.
  • Low Paint Quality. Grabs Scratch very fast
  • Poor Built-In Quality. May break into pieces if it falls off once or twice.

5. Eye-Caring Stepless Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

The LED Desk Lamp by Himigo is the lamp that you will surely find in most of the office. One other thing, it includes fifty-two pcs of LED bulbs inside it. Besides, the bulb lifespan is about 50,000 hours. Thus, stay tensionless as the LEDs will last for at least 25 years.

In other words, it’s a bomb in the short coating. We meant! Just look at it once. It seems so simple and standard, but what is in it? You won’t believe the features hidden inside it.

Though it includes a lot of LEDs, yet your eyes will get no damage from this desk lamp. Like we mentioned earlier, we picked all the products on our list by researching deeply.

Different from all the other desk lamps on this list, this lamp includes more LEDs and saves 25% of energy as well. And that is why it is an ordinary buying desk light.

Sliding touch controls the dimming mode of this desk light. But the brightness is adjustable freely. Besides that, you will get five color modes and twenty-five sections of lighting.

The entire bottom panel of the Himigo lamp includes fully touch control. That is what makes it easier to adjust, and the timer function helps you provide the sixty-minute and thirty-minute glow feature.

With all the best features, the lamp ends up with a foldable neck and eighty-degree base rotation as well. Yet, a small base and foldable head make it easy to carry and also eats less space on the desk.

Wait! Is that the USB charging port? Oh Damn! Himigo didn’t leave a single opportunity to yell at their products. Yes, you can charge your phone with this lamp as well. But only when the light is plugged in or turned on.

  • 25 Adjustable Brightness Lighting. It allows you to use very minimal light as well as high brightness according to your needs.
  • USB Charging Port. You can charge your phone as well with this lamp when the lamp plug is in the circuit socket.
  • Protective light rays. Emits no illumination rays that provide damage to eyes.
  • Timer Watch. 30 minutes and 60 minutes timer function included
  • Foldable Head. It makes it easy to carry on bags while traveling.
  • Poor cord cable. Rough usage may tear it off.
  • Poor durability. Not long-lasting compared to the other desk lamps.

6. Eyes Caring Phive LED Desk Lamp with Clamp Touch Control

Phive LED Architect Desk Lamp is an entirely new level lamp which is mostly in need during professional work activities. The diffusive light feature makes this table lamp more unique and stylish.

But like all the other desk lights, it has some basic specs as well. Phive LED emit lights are safe for eyes. Quiet like the daylight illumination. And it provides no damage to the eyes as well.

No glare, no flicker, and not even a ghost filter on the lights allows the user to work under the light very comfortably. The diffusive panel emits equal brightness all over the table and gives a clear visualization of everything on the table.

Furthermore, you can set up the intensity and fix it on the memory of this lamp. Later on, you can use your brightness settings with a single click.
The lamp head moves around at 180 degrees. Besides that, the metal arm of this lamp is also adjustable. It has a rotatable body as well. That is what proves the flexibility of using this lamp.

Like the other reading lights, the Phive LED Architect Desk Lamp also includes energy-saving LEDs. And the runtime of those LEDs is also around 50,000 hours. Using these LEDs, you can easily save 20% of energy, and you don’t need to face the bulb changing trouble for at least 25 years.

Along with the packaging, you will be getting everything you need. Therefore, you don’t need to purchase anything extra for using this desk lamp.

In that case, if you need a table lamp for study purposes or attempting late-night office work, undoubtedly, this lamp will provide you enough comfort to make your job done within hours, and the person sleeping next to you can also sleep comfortably.

  • Long-lasting energy-efficient LEDs. With a lifespan of about 50,000 hours, these bulbs save 20% energy.
  • Memory Function Installed. You can store your adjusted brightness setting and use it later on.
  • Eye protection light rays. Avoids eye strains or damage even after working for a long time.
  • Adjustable neck, arm as well as body. Provides you the flexibility and ease of using this desk lamp
  • Durable Metal Body. Prevents scratches or damage and makes the light last longer.
  • Very lightweight. It gives a cheap quality vibe but works fine on its features.

7. 18 watt Tozo LED Desk Lamp Eye-Caring Table Lamp

Here comes the end of the desk lamp list. Though it is at last, yet, the Tozo LED Desk Lamp deserves to be the best desk lamp for eyes because of its features and specialties. So let’s read its specifications and what makes it so good.

Tozo LED Desk Lamp is an ordinary desk lamp with the best simplicity installed in it. Like all the other desk lights, Tozo Desk Lamp also allows zero glare and flickering. And those non-flickering LEDs help you to study or do your work with these light rays for a long time.

Your eyes are completely safe on these light rays as this lamp emits no hard rays that will create damage to your eyes.

The unique part of this desk lamp is that it saves around 90% of electricity. And you would not believe that this is the most energy-efficient desk lamp for eyes in this entire list. So want to save electricity bills even though you are using the lights? Grab one of these.

The brightness of this lamp is adjustable to five different stages and also includes three different light modes. Warmer to Cooler. Pick the best one you need within just a few taps on the base panel.

The glossy, shiny coating makes it compatible in every room where you want to keep it. It will deliver a simple look at its surrounding, like the way it gives the lights equally.

The LEDs used in the Tozo Desk Lamp has a lifespan of about 10,000 hours if you use it usually. But on rough use, it might not stay an hour. So you must use it safely. On the other hand, we all know, the better we take care of something, the more it lasts. So over here, it’s the same case, dear.

  • Foldable and Elegant Design. Usable in every type of room, and it is effortless to carry.
  • Energy Saving. Delivers its performance very well, saving 90% of electricity.
  • No damage to the eyes. Allow zero UV Rays, which prevents the eye strains.
  • Slim and Sleek. It will occupy minimal space for your working table.
  • Adjustable colors and brightness. According to your eye toleration and needs, you can easily adjust the temperature along with its color from warm to cooler.
  • Not long-lasting. Normal usage may last a year or two. But rough usage might end up dead within a year.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

You just went through a lot of products described above. And now it’s apparent that you are in confusion about which one to choose.

Well! Don’t worry about that. We are here to help you with that as well. In this section, you will find the list of factors you can consider before you buy any desk lamp.

But before that, ask yourself one question: “For What Purpose Do I Need the Desk Lamps?” If the answer is: “For regular purposes like reading books, writing, gaming, etc.”? Then you are on the right track. And the factors we mentioned below will surely guide you to pick the best one.

So, the list of factors are:

Flexible Neck

The flexible neck of the desk lamps helps to focus on a particular direction. It helps you to do tasks like drawing, studying, etc. very precisely without any disturbance. In short, you can easily put the lamp anywhere you want and move the neck to point the light on a fixed position. It avoids the shadow as well.

Zero Damage Light Rays

As we mentioned above, LED desk lamps emit no damageable rays. That is why you can continuously focus on something even though the bulb is close to you.

Besides that, you can also concentrate and do your work for a longer time under these LED desk lamps. As a result, emitting zero radiation rays lights are the best desk light for eyes in every way.

Adjustable Heights

Pro gamer tables, office tables, as well as our study tables, are a bit higher compared to our old desks. That is why standard desk lamps don’t reach out to that range where we need it. Eventually, it ends up holding the lamp above our head to get the precise light.

But the taller desk lamps allow you to fix the height according to your purpose and use it. Moreover, the flexible neck delivers more precision over here.

Lamps that emit light from above and spread them wisely are better than the bulbs that emit light directly to the object.

User- Friendly/ Previous Usage Record

Let people speak to you about what they face while dealing with these lamps. Check out the Amazon reviews. Check out YouTube videos. You will get perfect knowledge about those lamps which you have chosen.

Although we have mentioned the positive and negative aspects of those seven lamps depending on their customer review and usability. Yet, if you want, you can also visit the Amazon Customer Review section for more clarification.


Most of the people depend on the cost of the products, which is why we end up losing some valuable products from right in front of our hands. What should we do to correct this problem?

First of all, we should choose the best desk lamp for the eyes. If the price of that lamp is high, then we should find its alternative product which is within our budget and the features match as well. And this way, you will get your best lamp within your budget.


Here comes the last part of the context. Since you have read the whole content of the best desk lamp for the eyes, you may have already made a choice and picked one in your mind. Hence to make that choice more precise, we also mentioned the buying guide for you so that you can easily buy the best reading light that matches your needs.

We made you work very easy now. All you have to do is just match your needs with the provided guides. As a result, if the product description doesn’t provide you with complete knowledge then the consideration aspects will surely ensure your best pick.


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